Do you feel like you don’t have time to create because you’re too busy putting out fires?

Do you feel like you can rock your home life or your business, but never both at the same time?

Are you scared that you’re headed toward overwhelm, exhaustion and burn out?


This is recorded clearing meditation led by Natasha Mott & Kelly Ann Vass.
$234.50 (plus GST, if living in Canada)
~ Recommend re-using this meditation on a monthly or quarterly basis ~

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"<excerpt re: business getting $15,000 contract>"

<Business Owner>

<Business Name>

"Using the methodology, I was able to determine how to build up the business and enhance the courses I offer to clients. The clarity that came through made the program development flow smoothly, it revealed areas for expansion and clarification that was required to make the program content and offerings appeal to my target audience. In the end you have the complete map of how to enhance your offerings and attract the clientele that your abilities are meant to assist."

Rose Marie Lloyd

Practitioner at CorCoach

"I started with no business plan or any direction and ended with a Healing Business. The directions and support you get from Natasha is absolutely incredible; her goal is to see you succeed and surpass her! I absolutely recommend this program to anyone who is thinking about opening a business."

Ange Parke

New World Healing