This is recorded clearing meditation led by Natasha Rocha & Kelly Ann Vass.
$111 CAD 
~ Recommend re-using this meditation on a monthly or quarterly basis ~

You will receive:

~ A 45 minute pre-recorded meditation created by The Octopus Method (OM). 
~ Receive the healing frequency of Natasha Rocha's voice.
~ When purchased, you will have immediate access to the recording via link and online Octopus Method platform (kajabi).
~ Once purchased, you may replay as often as required (recommended at least quarterly).

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This product was created on the Thursday prior to our 2021 Octopus Method 12 week Mastermind beginning. We had zero participants registered. I, Kelly Ann, received from the akashic that there were 20 people interested in completing this mastermind at some point for their highest and greatest good. We decided to complete an akashic clearing of our Octopus Method Inc. company, including us.

  • Almost immediately inquiries came in and then registrations.
  • Within 5 days, we had a group of 5 and then 2 more reached out to us prior to week ending.
  • On the first evening we guided the participants through this same process; hence we repeated as well.
  • Then akashic records trainings & healings received registrations.

What we are learning is that it is often our own fear that gets in the way and when we are able to clear this out, we attract at a new frequency for our highest and greatest benefit! We are so excited for what this meditation might do for your business and your life!

Wishing you health & joy in your business and your life,
Natasha & Kelly Ann


"About 6 weeks ago, I purchased the meditation to clear and attract.

The first time I did the meditation, I attracted a new client.

The second time, I did the meditation with my daughter. I attracted a new client and my daughter finally found a new job.

The third time I did the meditation was with the full moon on Saturday and I attracted 3 course/workshop participants and a 1:1 booking in less than a week.

Each time I have done the meditation, my business increases. As I trust more and more my business increases more and more.

This is a wonderful tool for my toolbox when I am feeling like I need more support than I can give myself.

Thank you!"

Sally Maetche

Reinvented Inc.