Learn to value yourself in every area of your life and business by removing the masks you wear in the different aspects of your business and life. Become one with who you are and step into your power in business and in life.

Find discernment and alignment to who you are and what your passion is, helping you to create products and services that bring prosperity — for you and your clients!

The octopus represents balanced wholeness. Each tentacle represents an area of your life. All of the tentacles work together, collaborating without competing with each other, supporting the head and body so that you are living and working in health and joy.

Declutter your heart and mind. Life can easily be the win, win, win that you wish for, and you will discover how.

Mondays, September 9 - December 9, 2024
12:30 am - 2:30 pm MST/MDT live on Zoom

(October 14 and November 11 off for integration)


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Join your ancestors, your soul family and us for a guided akashic journey in person on zoom.

This healing is personalized to who registers and the ancestors and soul family who answer the invitation.

This powerful healing heals, transforms, releases unhealthy energies, traumas and blocks. This supports your bloodlines and spirit lines past, present, and future. It is the intent that all inherited genetically or energetically unprocessed traumas, unhealthy beliefs, non-useful traits, and even dis-ease that is not for ours or our lines highest potential releases at a rate that is healthiest.  

With the love and grace, knowledge and guidance of the akashic records we are able to lovingly heal, freeing our ancestors and ourselves to focus on our greater soul purpose while we continue to evolve and ascend. This supports soul alignment and healing to 7 generations in all directions.  

Each participant receives healing and a personalized channeled message live on Zoom.  

Investment: $77 CAD per participant 

Time: 10:00AM-12:30PM MST 

Participants: Maximum 20


Theme: I AM Business

Pay via e-transfer (Canada)
Pay via Paypal or Credit Card


Theme: I AM LOVE

Pay via e-transfer (Canada)
Pay via Paypal or Credit Card

If the timing does not work for you, please join our wait list (below) and we will notify you of the next. 

Note: Natasha and Kelly Ann both offer private one to one akashic sessions and healings if you would like to dive deeper:  

raisingthevibes.com or [email protected]

kellyannvass.com or [email protected] 

You are invited to wait here!

Wait here for upcoming Akashic Ancestral Group Healing dates or be contacted if there is a cancellation. Submit this form to be notified when doors open for next event. 

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